Michael Weatherly married Amelia Heinle in 1995 and they quickly got divorced in 1997. However they had one son together, August Manning Weatherly, who is 23 years old. 

Michael Weatherly's wife Bojana Jankovic fell in love with him right away.

NCIS star Michael Weatherly and his wife

Weatherly married Bojana Jankovic in September 2009 and they have been together since! They have two children together, a daughter and a son named Liam born in 2013 and Olivia born in 2012. There are some heart-warming photos on Jankovic's account of the kids and also the family. It turns out, Weatherly deleted all his social media accounts a few years ago - perhaps to keep his personal life private with the birth of his two children with Bojana Jankovic. Nevertheless, we hope to see some more pictures of the family together soon!