In an interview with ET, Wilmer Valderrama recently did not only speak about his work on NCIS as well as his new relationship, but also revealed how he gives back to his community.

The man who has been starring on NCIS as agent "Nick Torres" since season 14 spends a lot of his free time working with the USO. Ever since he encountered two servicemen almost 20 years ago who thanked him for making them laugh in his role as "Fez" on That 70's Show, he felt like he wanted to give back.

NCIS: "Nick Torres" is "grateful for the American dream"

"I appreciate the individual that it takes," he told ET. "That it takes a uniform and wears it with so much pride and such effortless sacrifice. I think about their families and I think about that individual in the uniform."

"I've been so grateful to this country and I've been so grateful for the American dream," he revealed. "Because of the American dream, I'm able to be everything I am today. And the only reason why I can do that today is because of these men and women who fight for freedom and for an American flag that when it waves hope is born. Anything can happen as long as you see that American flag still waving."

NCIS star Wilmer Valderrama: "The least I can do is come and bring a message from home"

Valderrama also appeared on the Rachael Ray Show on November 18 and elaborated on his work with the USO. It turns out the actor spent last Christmas not at home with his family but with the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Overall, Valderrama has done over 45 events and tours with the USO by now.

Quite a way to give back to the community, if we dare say so. Catch Wilmer Valderrama as "Nick Torres" on NCIS, every Tuesday at 8 p.m. (7 central) on CBS. 

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