Better known as "Special Agent Tim McGee" on the hit series NCIS, Sean Murray has been able to build and design his dream home. Now he is giving fans an inside peek at the sleek look!

Sean Murray's Home 10 Years In The Making

The former "Probie" grew up in "cookie-cutter" military housing and has made it clear how happy he is to have a permanent home that is all his own! Sean opened up his home to People for a special inside look at his Southern California home base.

Sean explained how much it meant to him to be able to create something from scratch and with his own personality and taste throughout. He had grown accustomed to bland nondescript homes while travelling country to country with his military parents. 

Sean Murray in 'NCIS'.

"I remember my mom and I joking about, 'Is it going to be a light shade of military green or a dark shade of military green?'" His family history helped him slip easily into his role in NCIS but he does not miss the frequent moving. 

"There is definitely something about putting roots down, because I didn't have that as a kid, in a lot of ways. We moved every two, three years. So there is a part of me that's like, 'You got your place, your space, your house with your family. Make it yours.'"

He and his wife Carrie bought their house 10 years prior when they were expanding their family but the home needed a great deal of fixing. What began as necessary repairs turned into an intense passion for design!

"It started with like, 'Okay, there's a drainage problem, so we'll address that. And then you find other little things, and before we knew it, we were redesigning the landscaping and building a pool and Jacuzzi. It got to the point where my wife even said to our designer, 'Just talk to Sean about the details.' I totally fell in love with it."

Sean is so ecstatic to share the gorgeous efforts he put into creating the perfect home for the Murray family. Sean and Carrie are parents to 13-year-old Caitlyn and 10-year-old River in their Sherman Oaks home.

Take a tour with Sean here!

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