Pauley Perrette tragically lost her father to the coronavirus and has made a heartfelt plea to the public. One of her former NCIS costars has reached out to help.

Brian Dietzen and Pauley Perrette

Brian Dietzen a.k.a. "Jimmy Palmer" and Pauley Perrette a.k.a. "Abby Scuito" worked together for almost 14 years on the hit show NCIS. After Pauley left the show, she had publicly made known her disdain for some of the NCIS crew and Mark Harmon. 

Now, years later, Pauley is pleading with the public for help. Tragically, the star's father recently passed away from the coronavirus. She posted a sad image of some of the last photos of her father she took on a facetime call at the hospital announcing that "Daddy didn't make it. #RIP my beloved daddy. #Covid #Covid19."

She now posted an angry Tweet saying, "I WANT MORE #covid #VACCINE I’m vaxed, but watched daddy die to this cruel thief. Why IS #GOP killing their OWN PARTY? Daddy was a BIG GOP. He’s DEAD! GOP LEADERS ARE ALL #vaxed!!! You’re their pawns. They're KILLING YOU! Think! PLEASE GET #VAXED or this is all you'll have left."

She added, "PLEASE SHARE IT for him. He didn't believe in COVID either! His last communication with me was 'Don't get this! it's REAL! Please get #vaccinated For my hardcore republican daddy. Please. #RT."

Many of her fans announced commented their support and Brian Dietzen himself felt compelled to chime in. He wrote, "So sorry my friend. Hoping and praying for many more shots in arms." 

Now "Palmer" himself is sharing the message to spread awareness about the importance of getting the COVID-19 vaccine. Just like his character who lost his wife to the virus, Brian is taking the pandemic seriously and is supporting his former co-star. 


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