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Netflix's 'Holidate': Facts About Emma Roberts

Netflix's Holidate: Facts About Emma Roberts

With the holidays quickly approaching, Holidate is the perfect Christmas movie to watch if you're a fan of drama, humor, and/or romance. This new film starring Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey has been available on Netflix since October 2020. If you wanna find out more about the leading actress Emma Roberts, here are some interesting facts you may not know! 

Emma Rose Roberts was born in New York in 1991. She was destined for stardom as her father is the successful actor Eric Roberts and her aunt is the Oscar-winning actress Julia Roberts. At the age of ten, Emma Roberts got her first role in a Hollywood movie. Alongside Johnny Depp and Penélope Cruz, she played the daughter "Kristina" in the film Blow.

The popularity of the young actress continued to grow in the mid-2000s after she took the role of "Addie Singer" in the TV series Unfabulous. Emma would briefly pursue music around this time, but in 2009 she decided to put her music career on hold indefinitely. After fully committing to being an actress, she went on to land big roles in movies like Nerve and We're the Millers. Find out more about the Holidate star in the video above!

Netflix's Holidate: Facts About Emma Roberts

Netflix's Holidate: Facts About Emma Roberts