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Darren Barnet is swooping in and stealing hearts everywhere after appearing in Netflix's new coming-of-age story and comedy-drama show Never Have I Ever

The show, which was produced by Mindy Kaling, follows the life of awkward Indian American high school student "Devi," who is head over heels for Darren Barnet's character, "Paxton Hall-Yoshida".

Since appearing in the show, Barnet shares that his Instagram followers skyrocketed to 1.3 million, and yes - he gets the wildest DM's.

In an exclusive interview with People, Barnet opens up about filming, life in quarantine, and more.

"Right now I’m quarantining alone," he shares.

"I’ve been trying to maintain some type of structured routine of exercising and chatting with friends and family, also doing a little painting and writing. I’ve been taking up cooking more, too, which has been great," he continued.


When asked about how fans received Never Have I Ever, the star says it's been mostly positive

"I'm humbled and honoured. I didn't expect my character to be such a focal point. I knew the show was going to do well, I mean it's Mindy Kaling! Her writing and creative mind is awesome," he says.

"But I don't know if I expected all the attention around my character because I didn't feel like I was in the show that much when we were filming. I was like, 'Oh, I'm one of the smaller characters.' So I've been really thrilled that I did enough with him to make him more than just the jock heartthrob. And I think that's kind of why a lot of people are gravitating towards him. So I'm happy with that," Barnet continued.

He also believes that the wide success of the show was large in part due to the realistic portrayal of those struggling, but not to an extent that it became "preachy".

"There are things that we all go through, but we learn to laugh about a lot of them and brush it off," he says.

He continued, "There are also very serious issues tackled in the show, but it's not so on the nose and preachy that it just defines everyone. So I think that's a little note that everyone can take, that in real life there's no person, I believe, that is fully defined by their struggle."

As for dating, Barnet shares that he's not on any apps, and isn't keen on the idea of them.


"I've never really been on dating apps and don't know if I’ll ever be. It seems like kind of an empty pursuit. Like you're cute, swipe left. You're not cute, swipe right. And I think, 'But maybe she was nice,'" he shared.

Darren Barnet is set to also appear in a new American Pie Presents: Girls' Rules

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