Award-winning actress Nicole Kidman is opening up about life in the spotlight, particularly the challenges of being alone and single when the whole world is peering in on your life.

The 53-year-old is sharing her thoughts in her latest interview with The Sydney Morning Herald, and explains why being single is harder for her than partnerships.

Nicole Kidman reflects on fame and relationships

Award-winning and A-list actress Nicole Kidman is not holding back when it comes to the honesty surrounding fame and dealing with life in the spotlight.

Nicole Kidman attends the 31st Annual Producers Guild Awards.

While speaking to The Sydney Morning Herald, Kidman reveals that she finds it harder to deal with peering eyes while single, rather than having a partnership.

"There wasn't a place to go and to work through it, with a partner," she said to the publication. 

"I was lucky because my sister would come," she said, referring to Antonia Kidman. "I remember her flying to Cannes [in 2001] because it's frightening walking up that red carpet with all that scrutiny, feeling very insecure and not quite sure where to go or how to survive."

Kidman recently celebrated her 14th wedding anniversary with hubby Keith Urban, but shares her connection with her sister is still very important to her and her well-being. 

Nicole Kidman (R) and her sister Antonia Kidman attend the Miramax 2005 Golden Globes After Party. 

"If you have a sister, as a woman it's such a blessing because there's this closeness where you can really delve into another woman with safety," she said. "We're almost twins and we've been through a lot."

"I showed up for her and she showed up for me," she added.

Antonia, who also spoke to the publication, said of her sister, "Nicole will say things to me that I don't know whether anyone else will say, or I won't listen to from anyone else."

The two say that they also bond over being mothers, and share tips and support when navigating through motherhood.