Actress and singer Olivia Newton-John has been living with cancer for years now.

In 1992, she was diagnosed with breast cancer for the first time. Unfortunately, the cancer is now in stage 4 and has spread. Now, in a new interview, Olivia spoke about how she's doing today.

Olivia Newton-John: "Right now I'm feeling pretty good"

Newton-John remains surprisingly positive in this. "Right now I'm feeling pretty good," she explained, adding, however: "I have my days and I have my pains."

Still, the 73-year-old says she's been handling things well with the help of medical marijuana and her husband. "I'm a very lucky person," said the Grease star.

There was also an emotional moment in the interview, when reporter Hoda Kotb revealed that she herself had cancer. Olivia replied: "We're sisters. Anyone that has gone on this journey with cancer, it's unknown destinations and surprises and turns."

There have been quite a few twists and turns for Newton-John. After she was first diagnosed with breast cancer, she overcame the disease. But the cancer came back over 20 years later. She went public with the devastating diagnosis in 2017.

She is now living with the disease in stage 4. This means that the cancer has spread to other parts of her body. At this point in time, the chances of recovery are very slim.

But Olivia Newton-John isn't letting herself get down.