Pat Sajak had big news for Wheel of Fortune fans this week.

The longtime host, 74, shared a rare family update at the end of Wheel of Fortune on Monday. He surprised Vanna White and fans with what he jokingly called "a little parental bragging."

Pat Sajak's family news on Wheel of Fortune episode

As Wheel of Fortune was wrapping up, proud father Pat Sajak told his co-host Vanna White: "So you know my son Patrick, you've known him all his life.

"Well he's made it through medical school, and he is now officially Dr. Sajak, and we are very thrilled about that," Sajak announced.

Along with the news, the Wheel of Fortune host had a few laughs about his son's big accomplishment. He joked that he and his wife "tried to get [their son] into geriatrics but he refused."

He added, "The only troubling part is that he insists that I call him Dr. Sajak," which the audience enjoyed.

Pat Sajak and wife Lesly's son Patrick graduates

Pat Sajak has been married to his wife Lesly Brown-Sajak since 1989. They have two children together, and 30-year-old son Patrick is their eldest. They also have daughter Maggie, who is a country music artist.

Wheel of Fortune's Pat Sajak and wife Lesly Brown-Sajak.

Sajak, who will turn 75 years old this year, is already the longest-running game show host in TV history. He's been hosting Wheel of Fortune since 1983.

Congratulations to the Sajak family!

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