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Paul Hogan Is Clashing With Homeless People Near His Mansion In L.A.

Paul Hogan Is Clashing With Homeless People Near His Mansion In California

Paul Hogan is currently involved in a conflict with the homeless community near his mansion in California. This week, the 81-year-old actor was even photographed taping an angry note outside his home, after reports of escalating crime and problems with homelessness in his wealthy Los Angeles neighbourhood.

Paul Hogan is clashing with the homeless population near his mansion in Los Angeles.

The Crocodile Dundee actor, 81, was pictured this week outside his home taping up an angry message to the growing number of homeless people in his community.

Paul Hogan angry with homeless people near his mansion

Hogan posted up the note as his wealthy neighbourhood has recently seen an increase in crime and violence owing to a nearby homeless encampment, according to Daily Mail.

His sign read: "THIS IS MY HOUSE NOT YOURS," in photos shared by Daily Mail. Hogan was also seen with a red marker in hand, matching the writing of the note.

Daily Mail adds that Hogan and his son Chance have been "stuck inside" their home as Los Angeles's homeless crisis has grown worse in recent years, no doubt compounded by pandemic-related job losses.

They and other Venice residents hope to see action taken on the problems near their homes and on the broader issue of homelessness in Los Angeles.

Paul Hogan now denies writing angry homeless note?

Despite the photographs of Hogan with a red marker in hand outside his home, the 81-year-old has now also denied writing the message, in a statement to TMZ.

Hogan "says he did NOT write the sign," TMZ reported today, and he added that the homeless situation has become "sad, awful, and embarrassing."

Paul Hogan in 2021: Crocodile Dundee star denies writing angry homeless note.

Hogan also reiterated his desire to return home to Australia, which he said he intends to do once travel issues related to COVID-19 are resolved.

Hogan spoke out on his dislike of life in the United States last year, explaining that he only remains there out of commitment to his son Chance, who was born in the US.