The Narcos star Pedro Pascal is more than happy to support his sister Lux in her journey. Together, the Chilean-American actor and his sister are helping break traditional prejudices seen in Latin America.

Pedro Pascal's Sister Lux Coming Out As Transgender

28-year-old Lux Pascal has just publicly come out as transgender on the cover of the Ya Magazine. The magazine explained that brave Lux, previously known as Lucas, has "risked everything and start over to assume her identity as a trans female."

She has even begun studying at the prestigious school Julliard in New York City to hone her acting skills. Lux feels very lucky to have the supportive family she has, "For everyone in my family my transition has been something very natural. Almost something they expected to happen."

Lux declared she was especially grateful for her brother, Game of Thrones star Pedro Pascal. "He has been an important part of this. He is also an artist and has been a guide. He was one of the first to give me the things that formed my identity."

Pedro reposted the magazine cover photo on his own Instagram with the caption, "Mi hermana, mi corazón, nuestra Lux," which translates to "My sister, my heart, our Lux." Lux told Ya about coming out to Pedro and how happy he was for her. He congratulated her and said, "Perfect, this is incredible."

Bomshell Lux has started hormone treatments over the summer and has been working hard to successfully make her way into such a renowned school. The amount of love for Lux was powerful and beautiful with fans commenting their support in both English and Spanish on Pedro, Lux, and Ya's Instagram posts.

Unfortunately on Lux's posts, there were still messages of disapproval and hate in Spanish but those few comments were drowned out in the flood of love for her bravery. Lux spoke about her fight against discrimination saying, "We need trans activists who are god, intelligent, who are informed, and who are references to speak out against transphobia, homophobia, [and] racism."

Congratulations Lux!

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