Piers Morgan Posts Date Night Photo With Wife Celia

Charming and yet proudly villainous Piers Morgan has adorably taken his wife, Celia Walden out to eat for a special date! Albeit with a twist...

The cute pair posted a picture of the two donning masks! Celia's was much cuter, with stars covering it and Piers' was just a simple plain white. The two have been in lockdown for quite a while with their sweet 8-year old daughter so they must have enjoyed their special night of just the two of them. This date night post comes only a week after their 10th anniversary!

Celia posted a photo of the two of them on the way to their wedding with the hilarious and dark caption reading "Once every century the perfect couple comes along and redefines the way other couples view love. We are totally not that couple. Happy 10th anniversary, Piers."

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While Piers wrote a somewhat more loving post saying "10yrs ago today... I made an honest woman of Celia. And her lawyers hoped it would never last! Happy Anniversary to my considerably better half.