• Right now, Post Malone is one of the most successful artists worldwide
  • Getting back into the studio was a scary experience for him
  • He opens up about how he overcame those fears

Post Malone is getting real about the reality of the aftermath following huge successes in his latest interview with Billboard

The Grammy winner opened up about some "scary" days in the studio when he got hit hard with a case of writer's block, but goes on to share how he overcame it!

Post Malone shares what Utah living was like

From a partying rock star acting crazy in Los Angeles, to quiet life in the Utah mountains, Post Malone is opening up about his change in pace.

Post Malone attends the 2019 GQ Men of the Year

Originally moving for "peace of mind", Malone said things quickly turned for the worse the moment he settled in his mansion nestled in the Utah hills.

"You think about everything at the same time, and it’s f***ng overload. There’s a lot riding on the music," he said to the outlet.

Referring to the past success of his hit singles, Malone felt immense pressure to continue to produce at the same level.

"I already talked about everything," he said. "And you kind of run out of ideas, and that’s scary s**t."

Malone went on to share that with the help of his friends, he was able to get out of his depression and anxiety funk, and ended up producing a new album he feels confident about.

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Post Malone says that his new album Twelve Carat Toothache will "speak more to how I’m feeling at the moment: the ups and downs and the disarray and the bipolar aspect of being an artist in the mainstream."

The musician also went on to say how he feels about producing new music, saying, "Every time you change your art and your way of thinking for someone else’s, that takes a little piece of yourself off every time. I feel like I’m trying to rebuild."

This includes doing what he wants, and not focusing on the record labels.

"Trying to shove 20 to 25 songs, it doesn’t work," he said. "The whole thing is that you don’t want to compromise your art and your gut vibe on anything."

Malone also went on to share that he feels he should have taken his own advice in the past and admitted, "I’ve made a lot of compromises, especially musically, but now I don’t feel like I want to anymore. I don’t need a No. 1; that doesn’t matter to me no more, and at a point, it did."

Malone went on to say that for him, his focus has changed for the better. "I just want to relax and enjoy the simple things. Be like a kid again. Have no responsibilities and everything is handled: your kids, your family, everybody is set and doesn’t need to worry, so you can just play games and play in the tall grass."