He felt "deeply troubled" after being invited to a film event...

'Prison Break': This Is How Wentworth Miller Came Out As Gay

How did Wentworth Miller from Prison Break come out as gay?

Wentworth Miller came out as gay after being invited to the Saint Petersburg International Film Festival in 2013. Before doing so, he actually denied being homosexual and struggled with depression. Learn more about it here...

Wentworth Miller played "Michael Scofield" in one of our favourite television shows, Prison Break. Apart from his amazing acting career, which also includes credits in ER, Ghost Whisperer, and Legends of Tomorrow, the British-American actor's personal life is very interesting.

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Back in the day, the Prison Break star came out as gay in a very powerful way, only a couple of years after actually denying it. Let's find out more about it... 

Wentworth Miller in NYC 2015

This is how Wentworth Miller from Prison Break came out as gay

During an interview with InStyle magazine in 2007, the Prison Break actor denied that he was gay. Six years later, in August 2013, he decided to come out as homosexual by posting a powerful letter on GLAAD's website, declining an invitation to attend the Saint Petersburg International Film Festival.

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Why did he decline the invitation? He claimed to feel "deeply troubled" by the Russian government's treatment of the country's gay citizens, which banned "propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations." The Prison Break star said he could not participate in any event "hosted by a country where people like myself are being systematically denied their basic right to live and love openly".

Wentworth Miller attends FOX 2016 Upfront Arrivals, NYC

Wentworth Miller struggled with depression

A couple of years ago, Wentworth Miller opened up about his struggles with depression, which started when he was a child, due to the fact that he always knew he was gay. He has also talked about the struggles of being a closeted actor in Hollywood, and how at some point it affected him so much that he became suicidal.

Fortunately, Wentworth Miller found the help he needed and became involved in the ManKind Project, which focuses on personal growth and self-awareness. Now he actively supports people who experience similar situations and provides them with links for organizations such as the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.