• Queen Elizabeth was the longest-ruling monarch in British history
  • She had a special crush on soccer superstar David Beckham
  • Elizabeth was always very happy when Beckham came to meet her

She met presidents, world leaders, and superstars of every kind during her many years of royal service. But one man in particular has seemed to catch the Queen's fancy in a very special way. We're talking about the ruggedly handsome David Beckham! When the Queen met David Beckham in 2018, she had quite the sparkle in her eye that paparazzi were quick to notice.

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Queen Elizabeth's Crush On David Beckham

But who could blame her really? It all happened at the Queen’s Young Leaders 2018 gala where the brightest young minds in Britain are recognized by the Queen herself. Beckham was asked to attend as an honorary guest to the festivities. This meant he would once again come face to face with Queen Elizabeth in the customary royal handshake. Cameras were quick to capture how giddy Her Majesty became when she met Beckham...

Watch the video above to learn more about Elizabeth's crush!