Bobby Berk aka the interior design expert on Queer Eye can help you this year if you don't know how to decorate your home for the holidays! The very talented designer can easily transform a room from one day to another - that's why you should trust him when he says there are some basic rules and tips you can take into account for making your home look very special during Christmas time!

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Bobby Berk at the 2019 amfAR Gala Los Angeles 

These are Bobby Berk's rules for Christmas decorating

  • Think outside the box: Try to decorate not only with typical red and green objects. Bobby suggests a winter color palette like navy and silver
  • Keep it simple: Don't get too crazy with different patterns. The Queer Eye star recommends using solid colors with minimalistic textures
  • Add a special touch: Bobby Berk considers a good way of making your home look particularly special is by adding metallic accents, which doesn't mean getting crazy with glitter

Bobby Berk has a couple extra tips for Christmas decorating

  • Use non-Christmas decorations: Yes, as weird as it sounds, there are some everyday objects that you can use during Christmas time, as well as the rest of the year
  • Follow your heart! The interior design expert believes that as much as you can find professional advice in terms of Christmas decorating, in the end, you just have to do whatever you think looks best!

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