Rachael Ray is revealing how she's kept her marriage to husband John Cusimano going strong! The two have been together for nearly 15 years, and People caught up with Ray while she hosted the Heineken Burger Bash at the South Beach Food and Wine Festival Friday night to find out what her secrets are.

"We actually like each other, have a lot of the same interests, and find it sexy to share bad behavior, like staying up too late, eating the wrong foods, and listening to loud music - rap, opera and any of our 3,000 records - wherever we are," Ray exclusively reveals.

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The fact that she and Cusimano are on the same page when it comes to their approach to life certainly factors into their marital success. "We love being together and not acting our age!" Ray continues. "We don’t trust quiet people".

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Rachael Ray celebrates Rachael Ray In Season on January 14, 2020.

Ray and Cusimano "both volatile" as well as communicative

Ray admitted another thing she and her husband have in common is how their tempers both tend to flare when things get heated. "When we are mad at each other we scream," Ray shared. "If John is being an a–hole, I tell him, then I feel better. And John does the same thing. We share a great sense of humor which helps".

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She describes their temperaments as being "both volatile", as neither of them are able to keep their anger bottled up. "We yell to get it out, then move on," Ray said. "We kiss, cut up vegetables, and John makes cocktails".

Ray feels more people should "take themselves less seriously"

Ray also revealed that she feels a couple should have things in common because it helps to make life more interesting. "Another thing we have in common is that we are not schedule keepers," she told People in the exclusive interview.

"We are happy to eat at different times each day, but we like to do the whole process together". There's another family member both Ray and Cusimano like to share their meal times with as well... their 15-year-old pitbull, Isaboo!

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Rachael Ray also goes on to say that it's a good thing she and Cusimano genuinely like each other and she genuinely enjoys the music his rock band plays, "because you can’t fake liking bad music". And while both halves of the couple are dedicated to their careers, at the end of the day, they like to have fun with life too.

"I think if more people would take themselves less seriously, they would be a lot happier in their day-to-day lives," Ray shares. "We both work hard and find it easy to laugh at ourselves. It works for us."