Rachael Ray has revealed how construction is going after she lost her house to a fire back in August! As Entertainment Tonight shares, during Friday's episode of The Rachael Ray Show, the chef and talk show host joined her husband, John Cusimano, to answer the question of where things are currently at when it comes to rebuilding their home!

Ray said it "was very hard" seeing home disappear

Ray admitted during the show's "Q & Ray & J" segment that it was difficult to watch the charred remains of their home be lifted off the property. "They took it all away and that was very hard," she shared. "We had to watch out the back window while we were making the show with you guys. Then there was a giant rectangular hole in the ground that looked like the abyss."

And while progress has been made, she believes it will still be some time before the work will be finished! "Now they're doing the outside framing, so it looks like there's a footprint of a house again which is great," she explained. "But there won't be a house finished there until probably next May."

Ray pens letter of gratitude for 2020's life lessons

Ray also opened up about the loss of her home in a brand-new issue of her magazine. As People mentions, the Rachael Ray In Season holiday issue features an editor's letter written by Ray, who shares what 2020 has taught her. "I’m grateful to the first responders who saved my life. I’m grateful for the opportunity to rebuild," she said in the letter.

"I’m grateful I had a place to stay when my world caught fire, where I could take sanctuary," Ray continued, "and that I learned, in a way I hadn’t really understood before, the difference between a house and a home." Back in February, Ray also talked about her relationship with Cusimano, revealing her secrets to a successful marriage ahead of their wedding anniversary!

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