• Rebel Wilson is a celebrated film actress
  • She is best known for her role as "Fat Amy" in Pitch Perfect
  • Wilson has started a crusade to lose her extra weight

Losing extra weight is tough for all of us. Doing it in the spotlight is even more difficult, all things considered. Wilson went back to basics to lose a few more pounds in 2021, as revealed by TODAY Health. In that interview, Rebel Wilson also stated that she had turned her everyday life upside down in order not to fall into the dreaded "yo-yo" trap. 

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"People tend to gain weight again after a diet and the weight fluctuates greatly in both extremes. It's strange, I haven't tried [losing weight further in 2021], but the lifestyle changes from last year have taken hold of me", said Rebel Wilson. So she mainly focused on one activity to keep the pounds off: going for a walk. How simple is that?

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