Ricky Martin may have been on the receiving end of some homophobic comments recently, but he's not letting the haters get him down! On Monday, Martin made a post on Instagram that saw him address the response he received after posting photos from a photoshoot he and husband Jwan Yosef did together.

Martin noticed backlash after sharing pics from photoshoot

Martin began his post by saying that the photoshoot in question— which was for a special edition of the magazine CAP 74024— was "a wonderful experience for both of us and a way to celebrate our pride." However, since he has been publicly out for years, Martin was taken aback by some people's reaction to the images he shared.

The singer said he noticed there was backlash directed at both himself and Yosef on social media as a result of posting the photos. "What I did not expect, especially after all the work that has been done for so many years," Martin shared, "is that a large number of people decided to stop following us or comment in a derogatory way."

Ricky Martin, Jwan Yosef and their children at an event in Hollywood in 2016

Martin shares why his fear gives him "much more strength" now

Martin then went on to talk about how he approaches the anxiety he feels over being judged for his identity differently now. He explained that prior to his coming out 11 years ago, he felt a "fear that paralyzed me, tormented me and would not let me be." Now, however, he's proud of the person he is and family he's created!

"Today I see the photos and what I feel is a full peace of being able to celebrate my family as they deserve, in style," Martin shared. "To celebrate me as I am, regardless of what they will say." The star said the fear he experiences actually gives him "much more strength" to advocate for the LGBTQ+ community.

Martin— who recently spoke about his sexuality in honour of Pride Month— concluded his post with a powerful sentiment. The singer expressed his hope that people can "feel free, proud of ourselves, happy, loved, respected and accepted." He also showed his support for "all those who feel lost or not valued for being who they are and want to be," affirming the existence of "a great community that awaits them with open arms."

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