Ringo Starr may have felt pretty humbled when he learned that The Beatles are no longer at the top of the charts like they used to be! 

The Liverpool native found himself stunned when the Spotify most-streamed list was released!

Ringo Starr humbled by Drake

As Drake makes history as being one of the most-streamed artists in history, Ringo Starr is still proud of the music he and John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison made.

Ringo Starr Reacts To The Beatles Losing Most Streamed To Drake

Ringo was blown away to hear that The Beatles had collectively been streamed 5 billion times around the world, but came to quite the shock when he found out that Drake had one song stream over 50 billion times alone!

"I'm so proud of the music we [The Beatles] made, I love the other three guys, but every generation has a listen to us," he said. 

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