Do you remember the old Rob??

Rob Lowe Celebrates 31 Years Sober

Rob Lowe Celebrates 31 Years Sober

Congratulations Rob! Brat Pack legend Rob Lowe is feeling especially proud today! He has been open with fans about just how bad his addiction became and how much hard work it has taken to get to where he is now.

Rob Lowe is proud of himself and is sharing his pride and gratuity with the world. 31 years ago he was a much different man.

Rob Lowe's Sobriety

Parks and Recreation star Rob Lowe has just posted an elegant photo of himself biking on the beach to Instagram. Along with the photo he wrote, "Today I have 31 years drug and alcohol free. I want to give thanks to everyone walking this path with me, and welcome anyone thinking about joining us; the free and the happy. And a big hug to my family for putting up with me!! Xoxo."

Rob has been a well-known Hollywood star since he was a teenager, which threw him into the world of partying. He recently told Variety that, "Cocaine was the thing that successful people did. There was always that wonderful moment when, as an active drug abuser, you'd go on the set and figure out which department was selling the coke on the set. It was no different than craft services. Where are the Red Vines, and where is the great Peruvian blow?"

He became a serious drug and alcohol addict which became public knowledge after his 1988 sex tape with a 16-year-old. Two years later he checked himself into rehab and quit substances entirely. He has been sober ever since! 

The St. Elmo's Fire star told Variety, "Those days are long, long, loooong gone."

Rob Lowe in 'St. Elmo's Fire'.

His post has been getting a lot of attention from friends and fellow stars as well. His son Johnn Lowe commented on the photo, "So proud of you, dad. Love you." Singer-songwriter Jewel wrote, "So Proud!!!! Can't even imagine what that takes- but I know courage and grit must be two big parts!!"

Rob Lowe has been inspiring countless of his fans to pursue and enjoy a life of sobriety. Congratulations on the 31 years, Rob!