The "Baby Jane" singer, Rod Stewart hopped into his wife's ITV interview! Bombshell Penny Lancaster was speaking with Lorraine Kelly about the British Heart Foundation and training to become a police constable when she had a surprise guest!

Rod Stewart Crashes Wife's Interview

Penny Lancaster was speaking about her serious journey to become a police officer when the singing legend, Rod Stewart suddenly popped in behind her on crutches! Lorraine burst out, "Hello! He's behind you!" Penny seemed to be used to it because she simply laughed it off. 

Curious Lorainne asked his wife of over 10 years, "Has he got a sore leg?" Penny explained, "He had a knee surgery but the ankle surgery is taking a little bit longer to heal from, but he'll be back. He's got a whole new album coming out soon and he's very supportive of me doing the police, he knows I've got a burning desire."

Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster.

It turns out the rock star is very supportive of his wife's bold journey. She explained, "Obviously, he will be nervous for me because police do put themselves out there. I think the police get a hard rap sometimes, with every step we take we have to go through a whole step course of decision making."

The pair have been married since 2007 and have 2 sons together and always encourage each other. She told Lorainne, "I know it's crazy because I'm the wife of Rod Stewart, and for me being a police officer, I feel like you make a difference every day. We are upholding the law, our biggest priority is protecting life and property and maintaining the peace."

Good luck, Penny!

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