Appearing on Tuesday's episode of Red Table Talk, Rumer Willis is opening up and sharing the heartbreaking and real experience she had at just 18 years old.

While on Jada Pinkett Smith's Facebook show, the young star is revealing how she dealt with the heartbreaking way she lost her virginity.

Rumer Willis shares heartbreaking experience

While on Jada Pinkett Smith's notoriously emotional Facebook show Red Table Talk, Rumer Willis talked about a sensitive issue many young women have dealt with and opens up about her first time.

While sharing she felt immense pressure to do something she wasn't ready for, Willis also reveals how shameful she felt.

"When I lost my virginity when I was 18, I was more concerned with the shame I was feeling at not having done it," she said, sharing that the man was "much older" and "took advantage" of her.

"I was not abused, or it wasn't rape, but I didn't say yes," she said. "I wasn't gung-ho about it — but I also didn't say no."

"I just let it happen," she continued. "He was older and took advantage and didn't check-in. That's what I feel like the man's responsibility is. No means no, but what if you can't say no?" 

The episode was centred around consent, and Pinkett Smith's own mother revealed during the episode that she, too, had moments with her own husband that were questionable.

"So, Gam, you feel like nowhere in your history in regards to sexual intimacy have you felt like you had a sexual experience that was not necessarily consensual?" Pinkett Smith asked. 

Her mother nodded in response adding, "I have, I have, but it was also with my husband. Your dad, actually. So that's really gray."


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