Rupert Grint is opening up about how his daughter, Wednesday, changed his life for the better, helping him with bad habits he was happy to break!

Welcoming his daughter last year with his long-time partner, Georgie Groome, Grint is revealing how happy he is that he's now a dad, and looks back on the past year with his darling girl.

Rupert Grint's lifestyle change revealed

Rupert Grint is getting honest about how his daughter Wednesday has changed him for the better and announced that fatherhood has drastically changed his lifestyle.

Rupert Grint attends the world premiere of Apple TV+'s "Servant" at BAM Howard Gilman Opera House.

Early 2020 Grint and his partner Georgia Groome welcomed Wednesday, a little girl that Grint says he's "absolutely loving" being a dad to!

Speaking with Glamour magazine, the 32-year-old is opening up about how much has changed these past few months.

"It's so much fun. I feel like I've changed as a person for sure," he said, admitting that he's "still coming to terms with what being a dad is."

"It kind of happened overnight, lifestyle-wise," he continued. "I stopped smoking straight away. I've started sleeping so much better — I used to be a horrific insomniac, now I'm sleeping."

Grint also admitted that having a baby at the height of the pandemic was "interesting", adding that it "made the whole experience even more intense and insular."

"It's just been us, working it out in a house. I feel a lot more — I don't know, weirdly relaxed," he said. "It's been a very calming process for me. Obviously, there are days when she is full-on. But there's something really nice about the routine. It's got me in a good place, I think."

Grint also shared that parenting alongside Groome is "a very natural thing", saying they're not only best friends but that they're "kind of the same person; we think the same way."

Despite all the positives, having a newborn in lockdown did present itself with challenges. 

"It's a time when you want as much support as you can get from your family and your friends; it's a very isolating thing, this lockdown, so we really have kind of been on our own," he said. 

"But there are positives with that," he added. "It's been great to work everything out for ourselves, without so many opinions. We've really bonded with Wednesday. It's been intense, but great."

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