• Traci Braxton is the famous sister of singer Toni Braxton
  • She rose to prominence with Braxton Family Values
  • Traci has passed away at the age of 50

After a lengthy and harrowing battle against cancer, TV personality Traci Braxton has passed away at the age of 50. Traci Braxton, appeared on the reality show Braxton Family Values alongside her sisters Toni, Towanda and Trina Braxton. For many, she was the life of the show, and became of a beloved icon of American reality television!

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Traci Braxton Will Be Missed By Friends, Family, and Fans

Sad News! Traci Braxton Has Died

Traci and her family were very cautious and took great lengths to ensure that her medical dilemma was kept private, and even some of her closest co-workers had no idea of her illness. An official statement has been released to TMZ, as follows:

“We have come to a time where we must inform the public that after a year of privately undergoing a series of treatment for esophageal cancer our beloved Traci Braxton has gone on to glory,” Braxton’s husband, Kevin Surratt, confirmed. Traci reportedly had her sisters, mother and friends at her side when she passed away.

But who was Traci Braxton? Besides, featuring Braxton Family Values, Traci Braxton was also a gifted actress, whose credits included Sinners Wanted, There’s a Stranger in my House and The Christmas Lottery

Traci Braxton Was A Talent That Won't Soon Be Forgotten

That's not all. Traci was also an accomplished R&B singer as well! Her 2014 hit single "Last Call” charted at No. 16 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts, while she also recorded the single “Broken Things” with sisters Toni, Towanda and Trina. Although her singing career never hit the heights her sister Toni's did, she will be remembered as a truly gifted vocalist!

Traci also released two solo albums: 2014’s Crash & Burn and 2018’s On Earth. And in the spirit of a true pioneer, she also hosted her own radio show in Washington, D.C., The Traci Braxton Show, reaching thousand across the country each week. 

For her family, although her loss is sad, they're glad her battle is over. Braxton’s son, Kevin Surratt Jr., paid tribute to his mother in a heartbreaking Instagram post, writing, “this hurts so much but I’m at peace knowing she isn’t in pain anymore.”

Traci will be sorely missed!