• Sandra Bullock regrets making Speed 2
  • The movie came out in 1997 and didn't take off
  • Bullock has decided to take a break from acting

Sandra Bullock has had an incredible career, but there's one project she doesn't exactly look back on with fondness! While promoting her new movie The Lost City, the actress talked about why she finds herself ashamed to have been in Speed 2 years later.

Bullock says she's "still embarrassed" by Speed 2

Bullock played the role of "Annie Porter" in Speed 2: Cruise Control. The 1997 action movie saw her star alongside actors like Jason Patric, Willem DaFoe, and Temuera Morrison. She brought up the movie after TooFab asked her and co-star Daniel Radcliffe about movies they "came around to" later on, admitting she's "still embarrassed" by having been in it.

Sandra Bullock and Jason Patric in Speed 2: Cruise Control

The actress explained that the main reason she's not thrilled with Speed 2 is because of how nonsensical the movie itself is. "I've been very vocal about it," she said. "Makes no sense." Perhaps its outlandish plot is why Speed 2 wasn't well-received by audiences! Bullock told the interviewer that "no fans came around that I know of, except for you."

Also interesting:

Radcliffe added that the movie had found "a kind of cult love," which Bullock joked was only "like five people." Recently, Bullock shared that she plans to put her career on pause for a while in order to spend more time with her family. Hopefully her last movie before doing so is one she won't look back on with shame!