Many high-profile stars are doing their best to bring attention to the scary race-targeted attacks taking place all over the United States. Countless stars like Daniel Dae Kim, Olivia Munn, George Takei, and Sandra Oh are speaking out. 

Sandra Oh's Stop Asian Hate Speech

The Grey's Anatomy legend Sandra Oh joined a Stop Asian Hate Protest on the streets of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania to give a powerful on-the-spot plea. A protester handed her a megaphone and Sandra said:

"For many of us in our community, this is the first time we are even able to voice our fear and our anger,  and I really am so grateful to everyone willing to listen." She explained that " many in our community are very scared" and she had a plea to the public.

"To everyone here: I will challenge everyone here, if you see something, will you help me? If you see one of our sisters and brothers in need, will you help us? We must understand, as Asian-Americans, we just need to reach out our hand to our sisters and brothers and say, 'Help me and I'm here.'"

The peak of her message inspired cheers from the crowd when she declared, "I am proud to be Asian! I belong here!" The Killing Eve star even asked the crowd to repeat it back to her. 

Daniel Dae Kim Speaks To Congress

Hawaii Five-0 star Daniel Dae Kim has also just returned to speak to the members of Congress about how anti-Asian violence "has gotten worse, much worse." He spoke to them six months ago asking Congress to pass a bill condemning anti-Asian sentiment. He had strong words for Congress this time around:

"I was disheartened to find that for a bill that required no money or resources, just a simple condemnation of acts of hate against people of Asian descent, 164 members of Congress, all Republican, voted against it. And now here I am again, because as every witness in this hearing has pointed out, the situation has gotten worse, much worse."

Handsome Daniel Dae Kim even shared his own personal family experience with race-targeting to Chris Cuomo on CNN. A man attempted to kill his sister and intentionally ran into her multiple times while she was jogging. The man had a history of violence against Asian women but the Judge and Prosecutor refused to acknowledge it and Kim was heartbroken when the Judge said, "I can understand why this guy was frustrated, I get frustrated too."

The man was only charged with reckless driving. Hopefully, Daniel's words to Congress and more stars like Sandra Oh bringing attention to this terrifying rise of racist violence will have a positive impact.

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