Find out why she won't watch 'The Walking Dead'!

'The Walking Dead': This Is Sarah Wayne Callies Today

Prison Break: This Is Sarah Wayne Callies Today

With roles on hit TV shows Prison Break and The Walking Dead, at only 44-years-old, American actress Sarah Wayne Callies has had quite the career! Find out what the star is up to today right here!

Sarah Wayne Callies was born June 1, 1977, and grew up on the island of Honolulu. Throughout her childhood, Sarah developed an interest in acting and would move to New Hampshire after graduating high school to pursue both a bachelor's degree at Dartmouth and a Master's of Fine Art from the National Theatre Conservatory. 

After finishing both her degrees, Sarah would move to New York and quickly land her first role in 2003 on CBS sitcom, Queens Supreme. The show would be short-lived but would free Sarah up to take on her first big role of her career in 2005, "Sara Tancredi" on hit show Prison Break.

Sarah Wayne Callies as "Sara Tancredi" on Prison Break

Sarah Wayne Callies on Prison Break

Sarah Wayne Callies would become a huge star in Hollywood after landing the role of "Sara Tancredi" on hit Fox series Prison Break. A fan favorite, audiences, as well as Sarah, were devastated when Sarah's character was killed off in season 2. 

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Fans complaints were heard, however, and her character miraculously survived and was able to return in seasons 4 and 5. Sarah Wayne Callies continued to find success after Prison Break and went on to star as "Lori Grimes" on popular horror show The Walking Dead

Sarah Wayne Callies Visits The IMDb Show 2020

Sarah Wayne Callies Today

Even after starring in a main role for the first three seasons of The Walking Dead, Sarah refuses to watch the show. In an interview with Comicbook, the star admits that the show scares her. In addition to The Walking Dead, Sarah Wayne Callies has also starred in more recent TV series including sci-fi drama Colony and on 2020's NBC drama Council of Dads

Today Sarah is in the process of launching her very own post-apocalyptic podcast that she co-wrote titled Aftershock. When she's not busy working, Sarah enjoys spending time with her husband of 18-years, college sweetheart, Josh Winterhalt and their two children, daughter Keala (13) and son Oakes (8).