Sean Connery, the legendary Scottish actor and James Bond icon, passed away on Oct. 31 at age 90.

Following the news of his death, tributes have poured in and fans are mourning one of the all-time greats of 20th-century cinema. Amid the honours, a touching family picture of Connery with son Jason and his partner Fiona resurfaced on social media. It's thought to be one of the late actor's final photos seen by the public.

Sean Connery had touching family moment in 2019 picture

As People shared first, Fiona Ufton—the partner of Jason Connery—celebrated Sean Connery's 89th birthday, in 2019, with a touching family photo shared on Twitter. "Happy birthday... brethlá shona dhuit," she captioned the post, wishing Connery a happy birthday in English and Irish.

In the photo, the happy trio is seen sharing a close, loving moment on the day Connery moved a year closer to his 90th year of life. The family shot is believed to be the most recent of Connery to appear on social media, People noted.

Sean Connery (1930-2020)

Connery passed away in his sleep on the night of Oct. 31. His son Jason told the BBC that his father "had been unwell for some time." Jason was Connery's only child, born in 1963 to the actor and his first wife, Diane Cilento.

Connery also had three stepchildren in his second marriage, with Micheline Roquebrune, who was with him from 1975 until his death. He had retired from movies in 2011 and made only a few public appearances thereafter.

James Bond actors Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig led the many tributes to Connery after his passing on Saturday. The British acting icon and Oscar winner was 90 years old.