• Sean Connery is one of the all-time great actors
  • He's most famous for James Bond and Indiana Jones
  • Go through the years with Sean Connery in our video

When Steven Spielberg and George Lucas were trying to figure out who would play "Dr. Henry Jones Sr." in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Spielberg recalled why they started the franchise in the first place.

The director wanted to make a movie about a globe-trotting hero similar to "James Bond." So the obvious choice was to cast Sean Connery alongside Harrison Ford and the decision was genius.

Sean Connery Had A Career Like No Other Actor

From James Bond to Indiana Jones and many more, we're looking back through the years with Sean Connery. The legendary actor passed away in 2020.

Through The Years With Sean Connery

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Sean Connery starred as the iconic spy agent, "James Bond".

The legendary '007' from the MI-6...!

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To learn more about the career of the late actor Sean Connery, watch the video above.