Actress Selma Blair has a new documentary called Introducing, Selma Blair coming out on Oct. 15. For the film, Blair was followed by cameras after she was diagnosed with MS.

In a new Good Morning America interview, the 49-year-old also spoke about her condition. She revealed that she was scared to death during her illness, namely of chemotherapy.

Cruel Intentions star Selma Blair: Disease MS is very stressful

In 2019, the actress reached a "critical point" where chemotherapy became necessary. With MS, the immune system attacks the body and can cause nerve damage in the brain and spinal cord. Chemotherapy can improve quality of life for those with MS.

Blair told GMA: "I was mortally afraid of chemo my whole life. I'm someone that's always gone holistic when I can." But she bravely faced her fear for the sake of her health.

Blair was fortunate and the treatment worked. "At this moment, I'm great," she said. But the affects of the disease appear in spurts.

The next surge could come at any moment, along with symptoms that Selma describes as "glitches" — problems with speech, memory, or movements with her body.

Nevertheless, she remains confident. "I have more gains than losses. And I do have things that can sometimes be embarrassing but this part of it that I do want to show 'cause that's the part that's healing, and perfect, and acceptance," she said.

Selma is currently concentrating on living with the disease, and she is the mother of a 10-year-old son.

Even if Blair has multiple sclerosis, she sometimes also dreams of returning to the big screen as an actress. "I'm not looking," she says, "but God knows I would never say I wouldn't dream of being a part of an amazing set one day."

Most recently, Blair was able to take on a role in the film Far More and several episodes of the Netflix series Another Life in 2021.

We wish her well.