• Heidi Montag seen eating raw meat recently
  • Montag explains reasons for her new diet
  • The star has struggled with fertility

Heidi Montag just can't get enough of animal meat lately! As People shares, Montag was snapped enjoying a big piece of raw bison heart while out for a walk on Thursday, and the former reality star opened up about her surprising new food habits.

Montag shares why she loves the "carnivore diet"

Montag has been attempting to have a second child with husband Spencer Pratt for over a year now, but her fertility struggles haven't made things easy for them. She revealed that she has "always been very interested in various types of diets," and recently decided to adopt the "carnivore diet" as a way to improve her fertility and overall health.

Heidi Montag at the 2019 MTV Movie & TV Awards

The reality star did address that raw meat itself can pose a health risk to people, admitting that she's become a fan of enjoying "sushi-style organs." Montag then went on to reveal that she has "felt incredible" while on her new diet, noting that it has resulted in "more energy, clarity, increased libido, and overall improvement on chronic pain" for her. 

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Montag's choice to embrace the "carnivore diet" may come as a surprise to fans, but she isn't the only star to make a dramatic lifestyle change in the hopes of improved fertility. Last year, Rebel Wilson revealed that wanting to become pregnant was why she decided to focus on improving her health. And while Montag's current choice of cuisine might not be for everyone, it sounds like it's been a positive thing for the star! Here's hoping baby number two won't be far off now!