Jon Lovitz has built a wonderful career as an actor and comedian over the many decades. If you're familiar with Saturday Night Live, you probably remember him as a recurring cast member from 1985 to 1990. He has also appeared in numerous television shows including Friends and Seinfeld, usually portraying very funny characters.

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But what has the talented Jon Lovitz been up to recently? Let's find out..

This is Jon Lovitz Today

The amazing Jon Lovitz's resumé includes dozens of television shows and movies. Recently, the Los Angeles native starred in the 2017 film Killing Hasselhoff, as "Barry," where he shared credits with Ken Jeong, and of course, David Hasselhoff.

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On the small screen, Jon Lovitz recently appeared in the 2019 shows The Cool Kids, Jackie and the Next Neighbor Girls, and Historical RoastsAlso, this year, he appeared again in the iconic Saturday Night Live, playing American lawyer and academic Alan Dershowitz!

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