'Spider-Man': Why Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield's Relationship Failed

Spider-Man: Why Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield Broke Up
November 20, 2020 - 18:55 / Lucas Anderson

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield met while filming The Amazing Spider-Man in 2010 and became a couple soon after. Find out here why their storybook relationship came to an end several years later in 2015.

They were one of the Hollywood's most popular couples: Amazing Spider-Man co-stars Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield were a unit from 2011 to 2015. Since breaking up, the pair have been spotted together on several occasions, but they insist that they just remain good friends. Why didn't they get a storybook ending?

Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield's relationship: No time for love

One reason the beloved couple broke up was a lack of time, according to E! News. Though they acted in two Amazing Spider-Man movies during their relationship, both Stone and Garfield were highly successful and in-demand actors. At times, they were even working on different continents. With so much work and distance, there was little time for togetherness and romance.

Spider-Man: Why Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield Broke Up

Another reason the former dream couple parted ways was differing views on the future. Andrew wanted to have a family, but Emma seemed focused on her career, as an insider revealed to Hollywood Life. Andrew is said to have put Emma under great pressure with these family plans.

Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone broke up in 2015

The couple made known their separation in 2015, breaking the hearts of many fans. In the meantime, both have moved on to new relationships: Emma Stone married author and comedian David Lee McCary in 2020. The two had become a couple in 2017, and were engaged at the end of 2019.

But Andrew Garfield's love life has primarily been speculation. He was said to have had a relationship with singer Rita Ora near the end of 2018, but it was never confirmed. Then he reportedly dated Aisling Bea and Christine Gabel, but, again, it's unknown if he was in a committed relationship with either woman. The actor is known to be firmly private about his personal life.

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