'Stranger Things' Actor Joe Keery Releases Debut Single

Joe Keery attends Esquire's 'Mavericks of Hollywood' Celebration, California, 2018
July 26, 2019 - 10:50 / Laura Pérez

Did you know that Stranger Things star Joe Keery is also a music artist? He has worked on several projects but now he just released his debut single. Get all the details in our video above!

Joe Keery is also known as "Steve Harington" in Netflix's series Stranger Thingsbut he is also part of a musical project called "Djo"and just released his debut single "Roddy." Keery himself announced that fans can now listen to the new psychedelic rock track, which is available through his Instagram and YouTube accounts.

Joe Keery attends the Stranger Things Season 3 World Premiere, California, 2019

Stranger Things star Joe Keery - a very talented musician

Although this is Keery's debut single, fans are not surprised. The actor has previously dropped some tunes and he is also a talented drummer and guitar player; before fully returning to acting he spent more time working with the American psychedelic rock band Post Animal where he played the guitar and shared songwriting contributions with the other members.