• Post Malone meets fan on his birthday
  • The fan's mom shared the video online
  • Malone has a reputation for being kind

Post Malone recently had a memorable and unexpected encounter with a fan! Earlier this week, a woman named Nicole Schumacher shared a TikTok video of her son Andrew meeting the "Rockstar" singer on his birthday, which has received lots of positive attention!

Malone called "kindest superstar ever" by fan's mom

Post Malone's interaction with Andrew was completely by chance. That's because as fate would have it, the star happened to be at L.A. restaurant Matuhisa when Andrew was celebrating his 21st birthday there! The video shows Malone taking the time to introduce himself to Andrew. Nicole also mentioned to the rapper that her son is autistic and "knows all your songs."

@ntschu @Post Malone Andrew's 21st Birthday In LA meeting the kindest superstar ever! #postmalone #autismawareness #matsushisa ♬ original sound - Nicole Schumacher @ntschu

"Dude, thank you for listening, man," he replied. "That's so sweet." Since Nicole also mentioned Andrew was having his first beer now that he was of legal drinking age, Malone asked him what kind he got and told him to "have fun." In the video's caption, Nicole referred to Malone as "the kindest superstar ever" based on his heartwarming interaction with her son.

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Malone's kindness certainly doesn't seem to be a one-off either judging by the comments on the video, which has millions of views on TikTok. "He's a dude that got famous and rich and never forgot who he was," one user said of Malone, while another admitted "I think i just fell in love with Post Malone." The rapper certainly seems to be humble, even opening up about why he felt scared in the studio after experiencing huge success.