It seems that not only soap operas are her strong suit. Thalía has now joined the millions of fans who are binging the new Netflix series Squid Game. Released in September 2021, the series features a group of people risking their lives in an unusual and mysterious survival competition.

Originally from South Korea, Squid Game has only one final winner. Its name is based on the fact that contestants must draw different shapes that look like squid, plus other challenges such as children's games, to win a grand prize of $45 billion.

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Here's where Thalía comes in. The beautiful Mexican shared a funny video on her TikTok account where she is seen completing some of the competition's tasks.

Thalía joins the Squid Game challenge on TikTok

In the clip which can you see below, Thalía tries not to move when she sees a red light... but everything changes when her own song "Piel Morena" begins to playShe loses the challenge because she can't help but dance to her hit 1995 song!


Todo iba bien hasta que pusieron la rola #PielMorena #SeDecojonó #SquidGame #ElJuegodelCalamar

♬ sonido original - Thalia

Thalía proved once again that she is not only very charming but also has impressive rhythm.

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