Don't call her "Thandie" anymore!

Thandie Newton Shares Why She Now Wants To Be Called "Thandiwe"

Thandie Newton Shares Why She Now Wants To Be Called "Thandiwe"

In a recent interview, Thandie Newton surprised the world by revealing that her name is actually "Thandiwe"! Newton explained why she has now chosen to adopt the original spelling, and shared how her perspective on acting has changed. See what she said here!

Thandie Newton is honouring the name she was born with! In a new interview with British Vogue, the Westworld actress shared that "Thandie" isn't actually her name, explaining why she now wants everyone to call her "Thandiwe" instead!

Newton's name was spelt erroneously in first credit

Newton has been known as "Thandie" throughout her whole career until now, but this spelling was apparently derived from a mistake! That's because as British Vogue mentions, in Newton's first screen credit— which was the 1991 movie Flirting— the credits "carelessly missed out" the "W" in her name.

As the outlet points out, "Thandiwe" has a beautiful cultural meaning as well! Newton's mom is a Zimbabwean princess, and the name means "beloved" in one of the country's official languages, Shona. The actress explained that "Thandiwe" has "always been my name," and by using the correct spelling of it again, she is "taking back what’s mine."

Thandie Newton in 2018.

Newton says she's "more connected" to herself than ever

Newton also revealed how her perspective on acting has shifted over the years as her self-confidence has grown! She said that being an actor "takes more and more away from me because I’m more connected to myself than I’ve ever been," explaining that she used to have incredibly low self-esteem.

The actress shared that she used to look forward to the chance to "get away from myself" by becoming immersed in her craft, since that was "where I felt whole." However, she said that she has become more comfortable in her identity over the years, and is grateful for people "who truly see me." She also talked about becoming more selective when it comes to the projects she's involved in!

Newton said that she isn't willing to "be complicit in the objectification of Black people as 'others,'" and wants to be "part of the solution." She also said that she wants the stories she plays out on-screen to feel authentic! "I’m not for hire anymore," she stated. "I’m not going to speak your story or say your words if I don’t feel they could’ve come from me."