American actress Lisa Robin Kelly's breakthrough was on Fox's classic sitcom Married... with Children in 1992, however, she was best known for playing "Laurie Forman," "Eric's" (Topher Grace) older sister on That 70's Show. 

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Her That 70's Show character was a beautiful -and very sarcastic- young woman, who sometimes used her beauty as a tool for attracting men, including "Eric's" friend, "Michael Kelso" (Ashton Kutcher)!

Film still from That 70's Show

Lisa Robin Kelly had problems with substance abuse

Lisa Robin Kelly played "Laurie Forman" on That 70's Show from 1998 to 2003. After seeing her for the last time in the series, she only starred in the 2012 film SUX2BME. Why? Her professional career began to be affected due to her problems with substance abuse.

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Lisa Robin Kelly was arrested in 2010 in North Carolina for driving under the influence. Two years later, she was arrested once again after her then ex-boyfriend John Michas claimed she assaulted him. That's how the end of Lisa Robin Kelly's career started.

Lisa Robin Kelly at the 1999 Annual T.V. Guides Awards in Los Angeles, California

Lisa Robin Kelly's That 70's Show character suddenly left

In 2013 the That 70's Show star was arrested again for driving under the influence and failing a sobriety test. Her character "Laurie Forman" suddenly left the show in order "to attend beauty school," but it was reportedly due to the actress' alcoholism. Lisa Robin Kelly once admitted her drinking problem even led to the loss of a baby.

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Lisa Robin Kelly was checked into Pax Rehab House in Altadena, California, in order to get help. Only a couple days after checking into the facility, she was found dead. Although the cause of death was not immediately revealed, Los Angeles Coroner's office reportedly stated it was "a result of an accidental unspecified oral multiple drug intoxication."

Still from That 70's Show

Six years ago, Lisa Robin Kelly's estranged husband filed a lawsuit against Pax Rehab House, claiming negligence for the way the actress was treated.