Bachelorette Hannah Brown and Ex Jed Wyatt

Hannah Brown has had quite a tumultuous shot at love, but at least she got rid of her cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater ex-fiancé Jed Wyatt!

JED WYATT leaving a taping of 'Good Morning America' in New York City on August 1, 2019.

Somehow sneaky Jed made it all the way through the season and won The Bachelorette even after admitting he originally only joined the show to promote his music, but he did not admit that he had a girlfriend when he joined the show or when he was caught canoodling with other girls in pools after his engagement to Hannah.

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Hannah has held her head high through everything, even maintaining good relationships with her other exes like Tyler Cameron and winning Dancing With the Stars! Jed has continued to promote his music but seems to be laying a little low since his time being caught on television manipulating multiple women.

Hannah Brown's Mom Throws Shade At Jed Wyatt!

Hannah herself has not spoken much about Jed lately but it looks like Hannah's Mom has something to say! Hannah's brother had a close call with a scary overdose and has been sober ever since, something Susanne Brown is endlessly grateful for. She posted a loving Mother's day post with a picture of her and her son to celebrate his sobriety...and that Jed is not her son-in-law!

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The caption read "Thank you God for letting him stay with me a little bit longer. You listened to my prayers and he is going to have a wonderful life. Best Mother’s Day anyone could ask for and I don’t have a son in law that hurts my ears when he sings!!! [prayers] answered!!!"

Yikes! Even Hannah had to chime in on the sweet burn with "Mother. we should probably make some edits to this." Susanne hasn't made any changes to the post so it's safe to say she has no regrets for taking a dig at singer Jed Wyatt's voice. Need some ice for that burn, Jed?