You wouldn't recognize him anymore!

'The Big Bang Theory': What Is "Raj" Doing Now?

The Big Bang Theory "Raj"

The Big Bang Theory "Rajesh Koothrappali" may be nerdy on-screen but actor Kunal Nayyar is quite the handsome catch off-screen. The now 40-year-old English actor not only has the looks but he was also one of the highest-paid TV actors while he was starring on The Big Bang Theory! Find out right here what The Big Bang Theory "Raj" is up to today!

The Big Bang Theory "Raj" is best remembered for being the genius that discovered "Planet Bollywood" and his cluelessness when it comes to American culture. While he might not understand American culture fully—who really does?—"Raj" was one of our favorite Big Bang Theory characters.

Just like his on-screen character, English actor Kunal Nayyar is also easy to fall in love with. The Big Bang Theory may have just ended in 2019 but we bet you still wouldn't recognize Kunal Nayyar off-screen today! 

The Big Bang Theory "Raj"

Kunal Nayyar as "Raj" The Big Bang Theory season 6 episode 7

The Big Bang Theory's "Raj Koothrappali" was a main character in all 12 seasons of the show! While Kunal Nayyar played a nerd on-screen, he is quite the opposite off-screen.

He is determined to become his own person now that The Big Bang Theory has ended, and just last month, Kunal posted a sexy gym selfie of himself captioned: "Raj no more". 

Kunal Nayyar Today

Kunal Nayyar attends the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival 

Donning a beard, Kunal Nayyar bears almost no resemblance to our beloved scientist "Raj" today. Kunal is also moving on in his career and is set to star in the upcoming Apple TV+ series, Suspicion. The 40-year-old may seem to be quite the catch but he is unfortunately already spoken for.

The handsome star has been married to his wife, Indian model and actress Neha Kapur since 2011! While he may be taken, we look forward to seeing where The Big Bang Theory's "Raj" will go next in his career!

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*Raj no more. #suspicion

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