Edd Kimber was a debt collector in Leeds when he first applied to BBC's The Great British Bake Off. The season 1 winner learned a lot from the show, telling the Radio Times that he was "incredibly shy" and had "very bad self-confidence" before the series. Today, Edd continues to do what makes him happy, which doesn't consist of debt collecting, but baking. 

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Great British Bake Off winner Edd Kimber today

After his win in 2010, Edd Kimber went on to publish three cookbooks: Say It With CakeThe Boy Who Bakes and Patisserie Made Simple. He continues to write and develop recipes for various magazine and websites, including his own blog! 

He occasionally holds baking classes at a few different cookery schools. To taste his amazing pastries, Kimber has sporadic pop-ups within the UK, and he hopes to have them in the US someday, as well.

If you're not the type to read recipes online or a magazine, you're in luck! Edd also creates recipe videos and tips on his YouTube channel. And if you don't exactly recognize the season 1 winner, here's a throwback picture from his very own Twitter account...

A lot changes in a decade, eh? Check back for more past Great British Bake Off winners!

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