Oscar-nominated writer Nancy Meyers has an impressive career and a loyal following. First, she penned The Father of the Bride films and made her directorial debut with the remake of The Parent Trap in 1998. Then came popular films like What Women Want and Something's Gotta Give.

Her subsequent movie had an impressive cast list of well-known actors. Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet were both A-list actors while Jude Law and Jack Black were no strangers to film fans either. You might be surprised and impressed to see what happened to these stars after working for Meyers.

What Did The Holiday Cast Do After Christmas?

'The Holiday': Through The Years With The Cast

For romantic comedy fans, The Holiday has been one of the top Christmas films since its release in 2006. Cameron Diaz played the career woman "Amanda Woods" and Kate Winslet took on the role of the naive "Iris Simpkins". "Iris'" brother "Graham" was played by Jude Law while the role of sympathetic "Miles" was filled by Jack Black. Find out more about these stars plus one more by watching the video above!