Emmanuelle Sophie Anne Chriqui, better known simply as Emmanuelle Chriqui, is a Canadian actress who has accumulated a long resume in her career. However, many remember her for having been part of The Mentalist

Despite not being a main character in said series, Emmanuelle gave life to "Lorelei Martins" so much so that her character was very memorable! 

The Mentalist: This is "Lorelei" today

But, what has happened to the Canadian-Moroccan actress after her time on The Mentalist, and what does she look like today? 

Emmanuelle's career in television productions has not really stopped since then, as she has been part of Cleaners, Murder in the First, Shut Eye, The Passage, where she has had leading roles. Chriqui has even been featured in films such as Super Troopers 2, Entourage, The Knight Before Christmas, and Killing Jesus.  

Emmanuelle even appeared in 2016 in the Black Eyed Peas music video for the song #WHERESTHELOVE (feat. The World), where Chriqui appears alongside several other celebrities, including Justin Timberlake and Kendall Jenner. 

These are the next projects of Emmanuelle Chriqui

Superman & Lois, a series that is focused on the well-known superhero, is one of Emmanuelle's next projects! There, she will play "Lana Lang." This series is expected to premiere in February 2021. 

In addition, Emmanuelle is also part of the film Die in a Gunfight, which stars Alexandra Daddario and Diego Boneta, where she plays "Barbie." 

And this is what the beautiful Emmanuelle currently looks like!

Emmanuelle Chriqui in Santa Monica, California on March 6, 2020. 

We can't wait to see what she is a part of next!

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