She played "Fran Fine's" mother!

'The Nanny': What Is "Sylvia Fine" Doing Today?

The Nanny cast

"Sylvia Fine" was one of the main characters on the popular 90's sitcom The Nanny and often had us laughing out loud with her hilarious antics. But what is Renée Taylor doing today?

The Nanny star Renée Taylor (86) was one of THE fan favorites while the show was on the air from 1993 until 1999. However, Taylor was already a highly successful playwright and screenwriter before appearing on The Nanny.

She co-wrote the play Lovers and Other Strangers with her second husband Joseph Bologna (+82), which was extremely successful on Broadway. Taylor even won an Oscar for the screenplay of the play's adaptation for the big screen with her husband in 1970.

Renée Taylor has won an Emmy Award

Taylor won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing Achievement in Comedy in 1973 for the TV special Acts of Love and Other Comedies. She starred in numerous films and series up until the late 1990's and appeared in The Errand Boy and A New Leaf.

In 1993, she joined the cast of The Nanny as "Sylvia Fine". She played "Fran Fine's" (Fran Drescher) mother until the series ended in 1999 and was adored by the show's fans. 

The Nanny soon became extremely popular and Renée became an international star. She received an Emmy nomination for her role as "Sylvia Fine" in 1996.

Renée Taylor: Her life after The Nanny

Renée Taylor appeared in a number of films and TV series after The Nanny went off the air. She had guest appearances in Ladykillers, Alfie, How I Met Your Mother and 2 Broke Girls. Her latest appearance was in How to be a Latin Lover in 2017.

Fran Drescher and Renée Taylor are still keeping in touch!

In 2017, Joseph, Renée's husband of fifty-two years, passed away. The couple have two children: Gabriel Bologna, who also works as an actor and Zizi Bologna, who works as a producer.