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'The Office': What Has "Angela" Been Up To Lately?

Where is "Angela" from The Office today?

Actress Angela Kinsey portrayed the cynical "Angela" on NBC's sitcom, The Office throughout all nine seasons. Although she may have been one of the most disliked characters of the series because of her pessimistic attitude, Angela went on to win a Screen Actors Guild Award for her performance in 2007 and 2008. Find out more about the actress and what she's been up to recently!

After the finale of The Office back in 2013, we've all experienced some sort of nostalgia for the beloved series. But whatever happened to the wife of "Dwight Schrute"? Post-Office production, Kinsey continued working mainly on television series. She starred in a few episodes of New Girl, Bad Judge and the Netflix show Haters Back Off.

Angela Kinsey with Office co-star Oscar Nunez

Angela Kinsey and Oscar Nunez attend the AMC After Party for the 62nd Annual Emmy Awards on August 29, 2010 in West Hollywood, California

Luckily for us fans, Kinsey still seems to be very close to her Office co-stars! She recently started a podcast with former frenemy of the series, "Pam Beesly" aka Jenna Fischer. The podcast, Office Ladies, features the two watching an episode of the iconic show and discussing the behind-the-scenes scoop!

Angela Kinsey's Personal Life

Following her divorce in 2010, Kinsey started dating and later married actor Joshua Snyder in 2016. The duo has their own baking YouTube Channel called Baking With Josh & Ange.

Angela also still has a soft spot for her favorite animal: cats. She supports the nonprofit organization, Alley Cat Allies, which focuses on improving and protecting the lives of cats.

We're looking forward to catching up on all The Office facts and tidbits with her and Jenna Fischer!