Even though the "Hips Don't Lie" singer Shakira is one of the most followed celebrities on Instagram, she usually reserves her social media posts for her professional life. On the rare occasions when she posts a photo of herself, her fans are fascinated by her natural beauty.

Fans are head over heels when they see Shakira's rare appearances on social media, especially when she posts selfies. No one can resist a filter, not even Shakira, but she doesn't mind posting all-natural photos without a drop of makeup! She is a woman who somehow defies age!

It is so refreshing to see such a high profile celebrity who has reached so high and who is not afraid to show herself to the world as she really is, with her curls, her freckles, her unmanicured hands, and dark circles. The best and most alluring part of Shakira is that she always looks so beautiful and authentic.

This is why we love Shakira!

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