The Fresh Prince of Bel Air star Will Smith met his wife Jada Pinkett Smith in 1995 when she auditioned for the part of Will's girlfriend. Although the didn't get the part, she got the part in real life! The happy couple got married on 31st December 1997 at the Cloisters Mansion in Baltimore. 

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman fell in love in 1989 whilst filming Days of Thunder. They got married in secret on Christmas Eve one year later in Colorado in a $2 million log house with romantic views of the Rocky Mountains. The ceremony was short and sweet, it only lasted thirty minutes. Sadly, their marriage didn't last and Tom filed for divorce in 2001.


The Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco married Ryan Sweeting, a former tennis pro, in 2013 on New Year's Eve. The wedding was certainly not up to traditional royal wedding standards, the bride wore pink(!), it had a fire and ice theme and Kaley deeply regretted having had the date of their wedding tattooed on her back, as they got divorced after just 21 months of marriage. 

This wedding sounds more like our cup of tea. Katherine Heigl married Josh Kelley on 23rd December 2007 in a tent in Utah, it was snowing outside, the bride wore a silk Oscar de la Renta wedding gown, the guests included most of the Grey's Anatomy cast and they're still going strong!

This next celebrity marriage certainly started out as a whirlwind romance! Kate Hudson moved into Chris Robinson's apartment just four days after their first date in spring 2000. Just months later, they got married on New Year's Eve at Kate's parents' ranch in Colorado. Kate looked stunning in a satin ivory Vera Wang gown and floor-length white coat. Kate and Chris were a couple for just over five years. 

Madonna and Guy Ritchie's marriage is probably one of the most famous ever. The pop superstar and film producer tied the knot on 22nd December 2000 in a castle in Scotland. The wedding was a lavish affair with Madonna and her daughter in matching ivory Stella McCartney gowns, Guy and Rocco in matching kilts and hundreds of candles illuminating a plethora of celebrity guests, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Rupert Everett, Donatella Versace and Sting. Madonna and Guy got divorced in 2007.