Tatyana Ali (40) bewitched audiences worldwide in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Ali was just eleven years old when she started playing Will's cousin, Ashley Banks. Will and Ashley had a close relationship in the show, which often led to family difficulties as her family was worried that Wills relaxed way of looking at life could have lead Ashley down the wrong path.

The series ended in 1996, but Tatyana has worked as an actress ever since.


Tatyana Ali is an actress and a singer 

When The Prince of Bel-Air finished in 1996, Tatyana's acting career did not. She went on to appear in films such as College Animals and Mother and Child. She also starred in several series, including The Young and the Restless and Love That Girl!. Tatyana is a regular on the silver scree, too. She appeared in The Last Letter in 2013 and Locker 13 in 2014.

Tatyana last starred in the film Nanny's Nightmare, Doe and The Reason

Tatyana is also a talented singer. She released her debut R&B album Kiss The Sky in 1998. She released her third and latest album Hello in 2014.

She announced her engagement to Dr. Vaughn Rasberry in 2016. She Rasberry, a literature professor specialising in African American literature at Stanford University, in July 2016. She gave birth to her first child, Edward Aszard, in September 2016.